How To Talk To Women On The Phone

How To Talk To Women On The Phone

learn how to talk to women on the phone


So if you are really interested in becoming the complete package when interacting with women you need to learn how to talk to women on the phone.

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How Not To Get Beaten Up In a Club


When women does something strange or unusual, chances are you will not be the first one to experience such strange behaviors. A close friend of mine this past Easter Sunday experienced something rather strange, and he wanted me to share it with you, so you could learn from his experience…

A girl he met online at Loveawake dating site a few weeks ago wanted to meet up with him this weekend (he’s only met her once before). She told him that it was going to be her and two female friends.

Now my friend had never been out on his own before but he manned up, thought ‘what the hell?’. And off he drove to meet up with them on his own.

He got into town and text the girl who said she was in a club called Syndicate. He made his way down there and went into the club.

He sees the girl, who is a hot petite brunette. He goes up to her and says, “Hi”. She is really happy to see him, and introduces him to her friends.

So far, so good…

Well yeah, thing is, it kinda went down hill from there. He suddenly noticed this short, bold, weird looking dude who was built like a brick-shit-house just staring at him. My mate just acknowledged him with a nod, and moved away. Bit weird.
Then, the next thing he knows, some random other guy has grabbed him by the shirt and starts pushing him back and threatening him.
Lucky my mate has a way with words and calmed this guy down before all hell broke loose. Phew. Remember:
• Don’t try to ‘out-intimidate’ the guy. Meaning don’t try and stare him down. Use eye contact to keep track of what he is doing but don’t stare straight into his eyes.
• Instead, diffuse the situation by being the cool one. My mate said that he just asked him what it was about. Nothing fancy. Just be cool, calm and collected and find out why this oaf is threatening you.
• Use your intellect against his brawn. You will win every time.

Here is how it went down:
My mate: Hey man what are you doing?
Him: That’s my girlfriend!
My mate: Whoa. We are only friends, I meant no offence
Him: Just watch it mate
My mate: That’s cool man. You scared me then. Did not know what was going on
He told me the last bit was to try and bring some humor to an intense situation. It seemed to work very well.

Suddenly, the brunette runs over and tells him that this is her boyfriend. Hmmm… She invited him out implying that it was her and two female mates, and suddenly it is her boyfriend and his mates.
He was thinking that she had set it up so the two of them could talk together, while her two female mates could go off somewhere else. It was a bit of a shock for him. Why would a woman do this? Why would she lie?

Maybe she thought she would get a bit of an ego boost if she could make her boyfriend jealous. Maybe she didn’t plan for her boyfriend to be there. Who knows?

The thing to take from this is everybody has negative experiences. If it happens to you, don’t beat yourself up about it. Get the positives out of it.

In this example, my friend had gone out clubbing for the first time on his own, managed to prevent getting his ass kicked (a great way of learning to think on the spot), and came out on the other side a more mature man.
Ultimately, it took him one step closer to being naturally attractive to women.

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How To Talk To Women On The Phone

The other day I posted an article about how to talk to women on the phone, which I highly recommend you read. I shared some of my thoughts on using the phone. I mentioned how, as children, we don’t suffer from any fear towards the phone. However, as we get older we seem to develop this irrational fear that appears when we go to make a phone call. I also shared a little about how I personally overcame this fear.

The phone is normally your second interaction with a girl. And, depending on how well that first call goes, it can be make-or-break whether or not she will meet up with you again. Therefore, you need to get your skills in this are handled.

As I mentioned earlier, a phone call is generally the second interaction you have with a women. Especially one whose number you got the other day in the bookstore, or on the night out over the weekend whilst hitting the pubs and the clubs. That first phone call is a crucial part of being successful with women because it’s the second time you interact after building the initial attraction. Your ‘performance’ on the call will dictate whether you increase the attraction or completely destroy. No pressure :-)
If you look at it this way, you could get 100 numbers a week but if you have no clue how to use the phone as effective mechanism to further the interaction then you are potentially throwing numerous opportunities down the drain. The phone isn’t just there to arrange the next meet. It can be used to create more attraction, interest and intrigue and therefore make her even more likely to want to meet up with you.

Learning how to talk to girls on the phone is an excellent way to make the second meeting between the two of you go much smoother. Many guys seem to overlook this factor. They feel that is you make a good impression when you first meet the girl then the phone call itself is not particularly important. I really hope you won’t be one of those guys who can’t see the importance of having excellent phone skills when talking to women on the phone.
Here are a couple of points to consider when making phone calls to women you have met just a short while ago:
Firstly, you have no idea how the first interaction went. You may have thought you were the best thing since sliced bread to her, however she might not have been quite as impressed as you were. She might have been impressed enough to answer the phone when you call, but you maybe standing on thin ice with her. So if you make the phone call and do a half-assed job of it, then the next thing you know, she seems less than interested in meeting up and the whole thing fizzles out. Whereas, if you can use the phone in an effective manner then you maybe able to make up for the slightly poor first interaction and really getting her keen on meeting you again.
Secondly, if you did have an awesome interaction when you first met her then maybe the need for an awesome phone interaction is not crucial for whether she wants to meet up again. However, why wouldn’t you want to smash it on the phone? And leave her going to bed that evening dreaming about you? If you were great in person, and then you are also great on the phone, she is just gonna want to meet up even more. Don’t settle for being the ‘just scrapped through it’ guy, settle for being the ‘I am totally awesome at everything’ guy.

Plus, it doesn’t matter if you are from the South Africa to the USA, whether you like it or not, the phone and subsequently making phone calls is becoming more and more part of everyday life. Especially because of the mobile phone or cell phone, depending on what side of the Atlantic you are from. This includes when meeting women and attracting women.

So if you are really interested in becoming the complete package when interacting with women you need to learn how to talk to women on the phone.